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Request/Re-upload RULES:

  • You guys leave a comment below this post for Request / Re-upload posts.
  • We’ll try our best to upload/re-upload your request !
  • Re-upload NOTE: Make sure all links are DEAD (esp. from mirror sites – CHECK ALL MIRRORS) or your requests will be ignored you will be banned from this site, it’s really annoying!  YOU CAN’T SEE THE COVER DOESN’T MEAN THE LINK IS NOT WORKING!
  • With all these rules and you still comment asking for a discography? One free ticket for you to be banned zone!


Enjoy your music,
uP4All Team.

Becks Pham 27 Comments


  1. Justin
  2. dizajner
  3. dizajner

    Hello, can you upload this from Tina Turner? There is nothing from Tina Turner on your both blogs.

  4. Hover

    Ban reup giúp mình album này với, cảm ơn bạn nhiều :).

  5. saisai

    Please reupload Leona Lewis – Spirit and Echo iTunes albums .. thanks

  6. saisai

    thank a lot for reuploading

  7. free_bitch_112

    Born This Way (Bonus Track Version) – Lady GaGa

  8. saisai

    Jason Owen – Life Is a Highway

    please .. with thanks

  9. alwayspunk
  10. alwayspunk
  11. saisai

    Please upload Jason Owen – Life Is a Highway [iTunes]

  12. trung4394

    bạn re-up lại dùm mình mấy cái single của My Chemical Romance bên v2 với. Từ number one đến number five!

  13. free_bitch_112 -> reup please 😀

  14. cjsing4

    Can you reupload this please, thanks

  15. kishimotovn
  16. lovactioner
  17. avahero

    Can you reupload Olly Murs – Right Place Right Time? 🙁 Thank you.

  18. trung4394
  19. adqw
    up giùm mình đi mà v2 mình ko có nick :'(

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