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DJ Antoine – Sky Is The Limit 2.0

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Track List:Sky Is The Limit 2.0 - Gold Edition (Full Version)

  • 01.Without You (feat. Ladina Spence) (Killbeatz Radio Edit)
  • 02.Children Of The Night [We Are] (Andreas Radio Edit)
  • 03.House Party (feat. B-Case & U-Jean) (Jerome Radio Edit)
  • 04.You’re Ma Chérie (feat. Pitbull) (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k13 Radio Edit)
  • 05.Now Or Never (Flava & Stevenson Radio Edit)
  • 06.Bella Vita (Jerome Radio Edit)
  • 07.You And Me (feat. B-Case & U-Jean) (CJ Stone Radio Edit)
  • 08.Perfect Day (feat. B-Case & Shontelle) (Dirty Disco Youth Radio Edit)
  • 09.Festival Killer
  • 10.We Don’t Care [Like A Honey Badger] (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark Extended Mix)
  • 11.Meet Me In Paris (Radio Edit)
  • 12.My Corazon (Radio Edit)
  • 13.It’s Like Insomnia (feat. Jojo B)
  • 14.Like A Hurricane (feat. Max Barskih)
  • 15.Something in The Air (Radio Edit)
  • 16.Pop It Up [We Wanna Party] (feat. Juiceppe)
  • 17.To The People (feat. Fii) (Klaas Radio Edit)
  • 18.Without You (feat. Ladina Spence)
  • 19.Children Of The Night [We Are] (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k13 Radio Edit)
  • 20.Bella Vita (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k13 Radio Edit)
  • 21.Unbreakable (feat. Karl Wolf) (Radio Edit)
  • 22.House Party (feat. B-Case & U-Jean) (Radio Edit)
  • 23.You And Me (feat. B-Case & U-Jean) (Radio Edit)
  • 24.Perfect Day (feat. B-Case & Shontelle) (Radio Edit)
  • 25.Firelight
  • 26.Hello Romance (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k13 Radio Edit)
  • 27.Sky Is The Limit
  • 28.Now Or Never (Radio Edit)
  • 29.Keep On Dancing [With The Stars] (feat. Jade Novah)
  • 30.On Top of The World (feat. B-Case, Nick McCord & Joey Moe) (Radio Edit)
  • 31.Crazy World (Radio Edit)
  • 32.Give It Up For Love (feat. U-Jean)
  • 33.We Will Never Grow Old (Radio Edit)
  • 34.Everlasting Love
  • 35.Already There
  • 36.Beautiful Liar (feat. Nick McCord)
  • 37.Every Breath (Clubzound Radio Edit)
  • 38.Ma Cherie (feat. The Beat Shakers) (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k12 Mix)
  • 39.Bella Vita (Trap Radio Edit)

More Info:

  • Genres: Dance, Music, Electronic, Trance, House
  • Released: 29/01/2013
  • ℗ 2014 Kontor Records GmbH / Global Productions GmbH under exclusive license to Manhattan Recordings

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