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Welcome to uP4All !

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Thanks all for your support our site. As you know, we all stay here for music and iTunes Plus of course. We try our best to share you new and the most wanted music you want. But we also have our life, our work and can not take all time to upload music for you. And now, we really need you to be one of our staff here for posting music. If you guys wanna be one of our members, please contact with us support@up.com.vn.

Many thanks and best regards,

uP4All Team.
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Request / Re-upload zone !

Becks Pham 27 Comments

Request/Re-upload RULES:

  • You guys leave a comment below this post for Request / Re-upload posts.
  • We’ll try our best to upload/re-upload your request !
  • Re-upload NOTE: Make sure all links are DEAD (esp. from mirror sites – CHECK ALL MIRRORS) or your requests will be ignored you will be banned from this site, it’s really annoying!  YOU CAN’T SEE THE COVER DOESN’T MEAN THE LINK IS NOT WORKING!
  • With all these rules and you still comment asking for a discography? One free ticket for you to be banned zone!


Enjoy your music,
uP4All Team.